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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Elite Relief products manufactured and assembled?

All Elite Relief tools are manufactured and assembled in the USA.

How do I use Elite Relief tools?

Elite Relief can be used in a variety of ways and videos of suggested ways can be found here. The tool can be put on any flat surface (floor, desk, wall) as well as be gripped for those harder to reach area.

Why is non-cylindrical better?

Muscle recovery devices have evolved since their beginning. Over the past 10 years, the market has introduced ways to further increase the blood flow to a specific area. Non-cylindrical, more targeted tools, like Elite Relief, offer the capability to pinpoint muscle soreness and knots and through breaking down the muscle into smaller segments, achieve an increased blood flow.

What makes Elite Relief different than any other muscle recovery tool?

Versatility. We sought out to build a product that is not only extremely effective in helping reduce muscle soreness, but a product that can be used by anyone, taken anywhere and can be used on any muscle. We are also competitively priced when compared to other non-battery operated products.

What if I have never used a muscle recovery device, why should I start now

Simply, to make your body feel better. When you get a massage, the masseuse uses targeted and direct pressure to increase and circulate blood flow to reduce muscle soreness. Same thing with Elite Relief – direct and targeted pressure to increase blood flow. With a tool you can take anywhere and use on any muscle, you can have consistent access to increasing blood where, and when, you need it most

Who our Elite Relief tools for?

Everyone. Whether you are a hard core athlete, active through outdoor activities or just have a regular desk job, Elite Relief tools can be used by anyone because muscle soreness is muscle soreness, no matter who you are and how active you are.

When do I use Elite Relief tools and for how long?

We suggest using Elite Relief tools post workout and suggest 8-12 “passes” per muscle group.
A pass is when someone achieves rolling the full length of the area they are targeting. An analogy we like to use when describing a pass is a pendulum

Do you ship Internationally?

No, we do not support international shipments at this time.

Do you offer returns?

No, we do not offer returns. All sales are final. If you the Elite Relief tool begins to malfunction or breaks down, please stop using the product immediately and contact us at the email address below to bring to our attention.